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 How to choose a

mattress At first glance, choosing a mattress may seem like a very simple task, because it would seem that what to choose there - take the one that is more comfortable and enjoy it. But in fact, many factors should influence the choice, and the wrong mattress can harm your back and healthy sleep.

To give preference to a soft or firm mattress

Of course, all this is individual and is determined by many personal factors.

The hardness of the mattress is "divided" into:

• soft;
• moderately soft;
• medium;
• moderately hard;
• hard.

The best way to determine if a mattress is right is to try lying on it for about five minutes to see how it feels. If for some reason it is impossible to implement such a method, it is worth relying on other factors.


Older people need to lie on soft mattresses, younger people - on the contrary, on hard ones. It is good for children to sleep on harder mattresses for proper spinal development. And between the ages of three and ten, a moderately hard surface without springs is needed. Mattresses of medium hardness are suitable for teenagers.

For most adults, mattresses of medium hardness are suitable, but you should still look at how the body will react to them and check with contraindications and back diseases. People over 50 years old need soft mattresses because it will be beneficial for the spine and joints.

People under 60 kg should sleep on soft surfaces. From 60 - medium hardness. And with a weight of 90 kg or more, it is better to choose a hard or moderately hard surface.


position Many people do not notice in what position they fall asleep and sleep, although this also has a huge role in choosing a mattress. If you sleep on your back, a hard surface will suit you, just like when sleeping on your side. But when sleeping on your stomach, it is better to think about a soft mattress, since this part of the body is quite sensitive.

Spine condition

If you have diseases of the spine, then it is better to contact an orthopedist and consult about this or the specialists of the store will help you to advise on what softness to use a mattress and what should be considered when choosing it.

After you have taken into account all the factors, add up the results and divide by their number. That is, if you have a soft (1) in one point, a hard one in the second.

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